Pajamas in the produce section??? Yoga pants and Yoplait???

April 29, 2016 Michael Gaines

Just got back from the local grocery store and I never cease to be amazed at what people will wear out in public.

When did it become considered acceptable for people not to wear real clothes when going out???? In the space of 15 minutes, I counted no less than 27 people wearing fleece or light cotton pajama bottoms often paired with house shoes!!!! Aside from being just plain ugly, it was only 34 degrees outside!

Some had on underwear, some did not. Yes, my dear, we do know what you do or do not wear underneath because everything shows in these fabrics; be it panty lines or cellulite. These type of clothes are called “lounge wear” for a reason, you are supposed to “lounge” in the privacy of your home in them; not go pick up hamburger helper!

Then you have the population segment that loves to wear spandex yoga pants everywhere. Unfortunately, many of these people have not seen the inside of a gym since the Clinton administration. The idea of ”work-out wear” is not to “go out” but to work out your body not the tensile strength of the fabric and the seams!

Furthermore, when you bend over to grab cereal in PJs or yoga pants, the entire world is seeing right down the crack of your ass. It is not pretty, even if you are blessed with a body that looks like Michelangelo carved it.

Admittedly, I am about as far from model material as one can be; my work out routine is limited to jumping to conclusions and rolling my eyes. Thus, I can’t imagine pushing my shopping cart, ass jiggling in “work out” pants. Please, please, PLEASE put on some jeans… and some real shoes while you are it.

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