What were they thinking part 3

April 29, 2016 Michael Gaines

It's schizo chic! It's sheer, it's embroidered, it's opaque, it's a mess

Will I am may be your name but elegant you are not

Chrissy Teigan in Zuhair Murad. The girl has some legs! The bodice is cut to the navel and the skirt slit to her hoo-ha. If she sneezes the oscars will need an R rating. Show leg or show boobs but not both at same time

David Oyelowo in Dolce, beautifully cut and tailored but unfortunately it is the color of a blood clot.

Oprah wearing the latest from the house of Band aid.

Solonage, in Christian Siriano. This looks like a burial shroud and a circus tent had a child

Gwenyth, did you raid Linda Evans closet in Dynasty?

Chloe Grace Moretz in Miu Miu. I swear my grandmother had this same fabric as a bed spread. I understand the desire for pockets in womenswear but please don't stand with your hands in them. It gives the same silhouette as a pregnant walmart shopper.

Kiera Knightly oy vey! Hundreds of hours of hand-work when into this Valentino monstrosity. Please fire your stylist

Gaga, you looked great at the Grammys and then this. I can see potential in it, cut 8 ins off the bottom, tame the wind tinnel sleeves and loose the red rubber calving gloves

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