Cha Cha Heels

April 29, 2016 Michael Gaines

This photo came up in my facebook feed. I showed it to a few friends and asked them to create a story of what is happening:

1. Hooker got arrested and is waiting to be booked with two Walmart shoplifters.

2. Two lesbians looking for a three way with a model.

3. Two are waiting for the an oil change in their old minivans but all the mechanics are fawning over the middle woman's red Ferrari.

4. Two women want a makeover and they brought the middle woman as an example of what they want.

5. I have no idea but the middle one is f-ing hot! The other two probably hate her.

6. She is the hot daughter of one of the other ones and they are trying to talk her out of running away with the local bad boy on a Harley.

In each story the middle woman is a "star"-sexy, younger, richer. She gets waited on while the other two are just waiting. Minivans next to a Ferrari.

Now the real story: Three women, all the same age (early 50s), at a high school reunion.

Even if you are not a foot fetishist, your eye goes to the middle woman. Her cha cha heels & leather pants command your attention. Look closer, her nails are done, she is wearing jewelry and sitting in confident yet lady-like pose. You just know she is smiling, laughing, flirting, the life of the party.

Nothing about the other women says "let's party."

The middle woman's posture says "I'm ready to dance and break hearts." The other women's body language seems to say "I would rather be home de-linting the dryer" or "I want to be invisible." Bless your hearts, y'all have succeeded.

Next time you get read to go to work, to a party, even for an oil change, think about this picture and the stories created. Do you want to be an old minivan or would you rather be a red Ferrari?

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