"Is that how are you going to act when you get somewhere?"

April 29, 2016 Michael Gaines

Generations of Southern mothers, grandmothers, babysitters and nannies have been yelling "Is that how your going to act when you get somewhere?" when kids misbehave and the less elegant "Now you're just showing you ass". "Somewhere" is always vague, is meant to mean when you grow up? When you visit a friend? When you go to the grocery or achieve enough success to have a private box at the Kentucky Derby? All the above?

I'm all for misbehaving, especially in the libidinous way Miss West lived her life; however, it seems we need to bring these admonishments back with political protestors.

There were incidents again at two Trump rallies yesterday in Evansville IN & Costa Mesa CA. In Evansville, protestors yelled but one literally "showed her (unattractive) ass" and was arrested for mooning Trump supporters. A second protest in Costa Mesa CA descended into violence with protesters damaging 5 police cars, beating up at least one Trump supporter and blocking roadways.

Really, is that how you are going to act when you get somewhere?

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