'Plus Size' only means 'more fabulous' #beautybeyondsize

January 24, 2018 Michael Gaines

Last night at a social event, being the avid people watcher & bit of an eavesdropper, I overheard two women speaking how "fat" they are.  Neither woman was fat in the least, both had natural curves & were, perhaps, a size 8. All I could think of was how sad they don't appreciate themselves. 

Fast forward to this morning, office TV playing while I handle some paperwork, "plus size"  model Ashley Graham is on the Today Show.  She stated something that resonated, her daily affirmation is "I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful" and "#beautybeyondsize"  I do so hope the young ladies from last night were watching & learning from Miss Graham's wisdom. 

My personal motto has been "I'm short, fat, furry, age 40++ & fucking FABULOUS!"  Please stop fucking yourself over what the media believes are "standards of beauty". 

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