Tim Gunn calls out designers

October 30, 2016 Michael Gaines

Tim Gunn getting real on PBS

Amen & sing out Mr. Gunn!

I have accessorized & dressed tons of women for fashion shows over the years. Everyone from a size 00 (please, honey, eat a biscuit) to size 28, ages 16-90, working girls, professional models (bring the biscuits, please) and society grande dames.

Some have been more challenging to dress than others, but it can be done! The challenge, as Mr. Gunn states, are the designers/manufacturers.

Ladies it's not you, it's them...AND those few "plus size" stores/labels rarely are doing you favors. Elastic, spandex, leggings, ruching, hideous prints, sparkles, flowing oversize tops or maxis are not your friend! Tell the sales people, write/call the stores & manufacturers customer service depts that you expect better TAILORED clothing in real sizes not slightly bigger versions of the juniors department and wont settle less. Your $$$ not being spent will make the industry listen!

Remember, do not let a size numerator be your dominator. Please, my dears, love yourself no matter your size, shape or age and demand the best for you gorgeous curvy selves!

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