The 2018 Spring & Summer Colors

  Bluegrass  & Bourbon Wear the spirit of Kentucky on your arm with a rich combination of steel blue as intense as a guitar solo & the rich tawny golden taupe of barreled bourbon or drying tobacco.

   Violet Femmes A play on the alt-punk band “Violent Femmes” this our homage to the music &
preppy fashions of the 80's. Punk meets preppy in this combination of rich violet
purple (Pantone's color of the year), mint green & steel gray pearls.

  Guns & Rose' Firearms & alcohol normally should not be mixed but these shades of gun-metal gray & rose´pink are a perfect match even Axel Rose would applaud. Can you tell we love the 80's?!?!?!?

 City Girl Inspired by the sunset reflecting off the skyscrapers of midtown Atlanta, gunmetal and gold make a perfect edgy yet elegant accessories that go with everything!

 Southern Belle We've never known a Southern Belle that doesn't LOVE her pearls! No matter whether you prefer leather, denim or a ball gown, the country club or a honky tonk, white & gray pearls will be the perfect pairing with a touch of Audrey
Hepburn elegance!

 Country Girl In parts of the South, the soil has a distinct rusty color from iron oxide. The brilliant turquoise sky over these freshly plowed fields is an intense beautiful color combination and our motivation for this pairing. Please note: the photo appears orange but the color is actually a terra cotta red.

 Champagne & Caviar What is a celebration without bubly & Beluga?!?!?! A tawny golden taupe like Dom Perignon with silver to represent the bubbles & Beluga black letter spaces are as elegant as they are classic.

 Mermaid Whether your tastes run to Disney's “Ariel” or Botticelli's “Birth of Venus” this is the perfect oceanic pairing of translucent aqua & coral that will make you long for the sea & beach-y cocktails!

 Voodoo A rich & mysterious combo of gun-metal, black & Jezebel red inspired by the allure, mystery & seduction of nights in New Orleans.

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