About Morse Code

Click here for a Youtube tutorial on how to read each bracelet!

What is it?

Morse Code was developed for the telegraph in 1830 by artist & inventor Samuel Morse.  In essence, it is 19th century text messaging.

Each letter & number is a unique sequence of "dits" & "dahs" (often called "dots & dashes").  These were originally sounds tapped out on a telegraph key by the sender, transmitted over wires (later by radio waves) to the receiver and translated to recreate the message.  Blue Blood Black Sheep has translated the dots/dashes to unique color schemes to create a design patented jewelry line with hidden messages.

Additionally, Telegraphy became the first white collar management jobs for women!  Because women listen so much better than men, they were able to pick up the subtle nuances of the code easily.  This lead to women becoming managers of large vital communication networks in Boston, New York & Richmond as early as 1845.

We give back by contracting with & train individuals from homeless shelters, substance abuse centers, senior citizens, the differently abled & veterans in our area to manufacture our bracelets.

How Do I read it?

Each message is “written” between the silver bars, beginning on the side with a grouping of “dot” color and ending with the grouping of the “dash” color (noted on each package). Cubes are letter spaces, large beads are spaces between words. Blue Blood Black Sheep has translated the dots/dashes sounds as light/dark color schemes to recreate each message into an elegant & eloquent piece of jewelry. For your convenience, each bracelet card fully explains how to read the bracelet.

Bracelets wrap 1-5 times around the wrist (depending on length of the message) and are adjustable to fit all wrists with slight bending.

Why wear Morse Code when no one knows what it says?

In our screen dominated, slap your drama on social media world, we
long for authenticity & subtly. Our “modern vintage” approach is the ultimate “form follows function” taking something old & blend it with contemporary messages that have soul and swagger in an elegant understated sophisticated way, very Grace Kelly in a Kim Kartrashian world.

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