#Hashtag Collection

*124 #IAmBlessed (All thing come from God)

*124 #IAmBlessed (All thing come from God)

Choose from 6 different color combos. Each bracelet in our "Hashtag Collection" has an additional inspiring or funny tagline printed below the bracelet message (shown in parentheses).  The tagline is not part of the bracelet.

Bracelets wrap 1-5 times around wrist (depending on length of message) with no bothersome clasp needed.  Bracelets arrive carded as pictured above with reading instructions & history of the code on reverse side. 

3.5-4mm colored glass beads form each letter, glass cubes are letter spaces & 8mm glass rounds are word spaces.  Bracelet is formed on cold forged stainless steel spring wire, the silver bars marking the beginning & end of message are silver overlay on copper.  Bracelets are nickel free.  Not recommended for children under age 12.

To read how Morse Code has empowered women since the 19th century click here.

We take "giving back" seriously, see how our bracelets help women in addiction recovery here

$ 15.00