Naughty Messages - Dirty Little Secrets Collection

There are times you just NEED to say something that "polite society" frowns on!  Morse code is the perfect way to do this.  Elegantly irreverent, delightfully inappropriate, cheaper than bail or therapy, you can tell your boss to "fuck off" with gravitas  These messages are the best damn bitchy bracelets EVER!!!

Each bracelet is available in 5 color combos & wraps to comfortably fit all wrist sizes with no clasp needed.  Letter beads are 3.5-5mm, letter spaces are the cubes, larger rounds are word spaces. Silver tone bars bracket the message    Bracelets arrive carded with reading instructions & information on reverse side. Bracelets are nickel free.  Not recommended for children under age 12.

To read how Morse Code has empowered women since the 19th century click here.

We take "giving back" seriously, see how our bracelets help women in addiction recovery here

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