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“Dead Folk Shit” is an homage to my father: a man with excellent taste, who lived very well; but more importantly, had a very very wicked sense of humor!  No matter whether is was Napoleon’s gold snuff box Grandpa had just acquired, family heirlooms, bidding at Sothebys or the old stuff stashed in the barns, with great sangfroid & a devilish grin, he referred to it all as   “…dead folks shit.”

“Vintage quality style & beauty with 21st century functionality” is our motto.  Owning good vintage is like having sex with a very smart, sexy woman.  You were not her “first” but do you really give a damn? 

With the same wicked sense of humor, I welcome you to “Dead Folk Shit “- our quirky world of vintage, retro, antique & ‘VintageYet2B’ items that are the relics of lives well lived! 


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