Merde des Morts

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My father was a man who knew how to live very well & had wicked sense of humor!  He quipped the antiques, art & heirlooms I grew up with were "just a bunch of dead peoples' shit" so in his honor welcome to "Merde des Morts!"   (MdM loosely translates as "dead peoples' shit" in French).

The relics we leave behind are more than just "things." How many times have you seen something and thought "Grandma had something like that" and recalled a priceless memory or story?  Additionally, these relics are unique & far superior in quality to the generic imported Pottery Barn-esque shit cluttering our homes today AND they are meant to be USED (either for their original purpose or a in ways our grandparents never imagined) rather than set on a shelf! (sorry, no Faberge eggs or Monets here).  Quality, beauty & 21st century functionality are the criteria we use to chose items. (OK, well, some are just plain quirky & fun, too!)

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