Vintage Bougie

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“Bougie” is a slang insult for “trying to appear of a higher class than one is.”  It also happens to be a French word for “candle.”

The concept for Vintage Bougie came from a lose/lose situation. Charity resale shops had tons more glassware than they could sell & filling dumpsters due to glass recycling ending in this area.  The charities were losing sales dollars, paying higher trash fees & the dump was being filled with recyclable material.

I detest wastefulness so I partnered with a local candle-maker.  Voila, a solution - environmentally friendly, long-burning soy candles in reclaimed vessels!  Trash glass recycled into something higher class with a win/win solution for everyone: You have unique long burning, environmentally friendly soy candles, charities receive much needed funds/save dumpster fees & recyclable material out of landfills!  Truly “bougie” in the best sense of the word!

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