About the Code

 What is it?

Morse Code was developed for the telegraph in 1838 by artist & inventor Samuel Morse.  In essence, it is 19th century text messaging.

Each letter & number is a unique sequence of "dits" & "dahs" (often called "dots & dashes").  These were tapped out on a telegraph key by the sender, transmitted over wires (later by radio waves) to the receiver and translated to recreate the message.  Blue Blood Black Sheep has translated the dots/dashes to unique color schemes to create a design patented jewelry line with hidden messages.

Empowering Women since 1838

Women have a natural affinity for detail & hearing the the subtle nuances of the code so the first white collar corporate jobs for women were telegraph operators.  Shattering the glass ceiling by 1845, women were even managing the entire communications networks of New York, Boston & Richmond!

Blue Blood Black Sheep is proud to continue supporting women's empowerment by having the new Dixon Kentucky Teen Challenge Women's Center, a faith based, non-profit, residential addiction recovery program, manufacture all our "nice" Secret Message bracelets beginning August 2017!

How Do I read it?

Each message is available in numerous color combinations representing the dots & dashes of Morse code. Each message is spelled out between the two silver bars, beginning on the side with a grouping of “dot” color and ending with the grouping of the “dash” color.

Bracelets wrap 1-7 times around the wrist (depending on length of the message) and are adjustable to fit all wrists with slight bending.

Each bracelet is carded with the printed message, directions on how to read, and a history of Morse Code.

Why wear Morse Code when no one knows what it says?

We live in a way too politically correct, flashy, trashy, slap your drama on Facebook, world.  With Secret Message & Dirty Little Secrets jewelry you can say anything - naughty or nice, profound or profane, in a subtle, elegant, hidden in plain sight way.  Why be a Kartrashian when you can be a Grace Kelly?