Trivia Game Night

Trivia Game Night

Mike from & Robert from are Ringmasters of our own little a shit show on FaceBookLive, where we do a booze-y, bawdy & bitchy game night & talk show Join us on Fridays at 8 PM CST HERE.

How to play:

It is completely FREE to watch and play our raucous version of Jeopardy meets a trashy talk show. We do 1-3 rounds of 20 trivia questions with our own naughty commentary. (Production values are like our dating standards: LOW!)

Everyone who answers a question correctly wins points for each question. (Answers must be received prior to reading of the next question.) Those points are tallied at the end of the round, the three highest scores are awarded gift certificates that can be redeemed at or at

Legal Notes:

Gift certificates must be redeemed within 7 calendar days or they will be void.

Points may not be carried over to another round or game night.

Winners are responsible for any state sales tax & shipping charges.

Neither Blue Blood Black Sheep nor Simply Home Soaps are responsible for game interruptions due to power failure, FaceBook service interruptions/glitches or internet speed connectivity issues. Should an interruption during a round be short term (under 15 minutes), we will begin a new round & the incomplete round/points will be voided. Should service interruptions be greater than 15 minutes, the game is cancelled and a new game will be played the next scheduled show.

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