Custom Messages

We create many custom bracelets every week in our seasonal colors, any message you want, profound or profane, we can create.

A very personal affirmation, commemorate a birth, something funny for your bridal party, a secret promise, or sending a final farewell are all bracelets we do frequently.

Custom Bracelet Request Form

1. We do not take orders over the phone or via text due to the possibility of spelling or syntax errors.

2. We will review & email a quote for your custom bracelet.

3. Once you approve the quote then we will create a custom order link on our site that you can securely enter your credit card.

4. Custom bracelets must be paid for in advance prior to being manufactured.

5.  Custom bracelets cannot be returned or refunded.

Mailing Address

961 Osage Dr.
Henderson KY 42420